Floating Carrige Micrometer Floating Carrige Micrometer
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Floating Carriage Micrometer

Effective Diameter Measuring Micrometer (EDMM) is also commonly known as FCM or Floating Carriage Micrometer. This instrument is used for accurate measurement of 'Thread Plug Gauges'. Gauge dimensions such as Outside diameter, Pitch diameter, and Root diameter are measured with the help of this instrument. All these dimensions have a vital role in the thread plug gauges, since the accuracy and interchangeability of the component depends on the gauges used. To reduce the effect of slight errors in the micrometer screws and measuring faces, this micrometer is basically used as comparator.

Robust graded cast iron body. Seasoned for dimensional stability. Integrated ā€œVā€ guide ways ground to finest accuracy. Micrometer least count - 0.0002 mm or 0.001 / 0.002 / 0.005 with non rotary spindle. Micrometer & fiducial have 8 mm dia spindle. Instrument accuracy maintained in accordance with NPL UK specifications The instrument is very useful for thread plug gauge manufacturers, gauge calibration laboratories, established under NABL accreditation and in standard room where inhouse gauge calibration is carried out

Standard Accessories

  • Male and Female centers, Micrometer 0 - 25 mm (non rotary spindle), least count 0.0002 or 0.001 Sensitive Fiducial Indicator ( 375X ) NPL UK Design Patent No. 541308 or Dial Type Indicator (Optional)
  • Set of required Allen - Keys / Other Tools.
  • Odd Flute Attachment
  • Hook and Pillars for Holding Measuring wires
  • Packed in wooden box.

EDMM 100
EDMM 200
Admit between centers
200 mm
250 mm
Maximum Diameter
100 mm
200 mm
L x W x H ( cm )
35 x 19 x 12.5
5 x 29 x 28
Approximate weight
25 kg.
40 kg.