MICRON INSTRUMENT CO estabalished in 1974 to manufacture inport substitute products and spare parts for instruments required in engineering industries.
Micron "Commitment to Quality"
A strong commitment to quality, and a large customer base to vouch for us, has made Micron Instrument Co. the leaders in this field of Floating Carriage Micrometers and Encoder Couplings.

Our Vision
To become a globally recognised company that provides competitive and customised thread measuring solutions.

Our Mission
To provide innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers. Particularly in the field of Calibration Lab. and thread gauge manufacturer.

We belive in

  • Commitment to fair business practices
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Inspired leadership to deliver consistent quality
  • Some of Our Customers
  • Baker Gauges India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Graphica Thread Gauges.
  • Truthreads Gauges & Tools Pvt. Ltd.

Many NABL accereadeted labs, such as:

  • Balaji Calibration Services, Bhosari, Pune-28
  • Universal Calibration Lab Akurdi, Pune
  • Sankalp Hitech Services, Nasik
  • Precision Calibration Services, Ahamadabad and many more in Baroda, Coimbtoore, Chennai etc.Spir